A little over a year ago, The ONWARD Project was accepted as a partner of The Arizona Memory Project (AMP), a wonderful gateway for public access to archival resources about the history of Arizona. Since then, I have worked to create a representative sample of The ONWARD Project’s archive, built up from material collected from over 50 institutions and personal or family collections, and now available through AMP’s platform. I have particularly enjoyed the chance to feature some of our most unique RBMV Expedition documents, and more importantly, to share The ONWARD Project’s collaboration and outreach work in seeking out and including local Native perspectives, experiences, and knowledge that were not recorded alongside the Expedition’s activities, but were crucial to its success. We invite you to delve into the material yourself to learn about this interesting piece of depression-era Arizona history and how amplifying Native voices and stories brings complexity and context to our understanding of the landscape.  
Allison Fischer-Olson, Head of Research
Many thanks to The Arizona Memory Project, and to Allison Fischer-Olson for her dedication to establishing our AMP presence. As always we are grateful to the generosity of researcher and collaborator Lithuania Denetso, who first led us to AMP, and of the extended Littlesalt family.  We also want to thank all of the people who have shared their stories with us at Navajo Nation Fair and Navajo Mountain, as well as the descendants of men from the Expedition who have opened family archives to us.