Hello I’m Dominic East Hopi artist from the village of walpi belonging to the corn clan. I’ve been an artist all my life starting from child to now. Art has always been a passion of mine as I grew up in a family of Hopi kachina doll carvers. From the youngest age I can remember watching my grandfather Tino Youvella carve and create beautiful pieces of art which intrigued me and made me want to do the same. From elementary on through out I began by drawing and painting kachinas and that slowly evolved into me making my first kachina doll at the age of 8. From here on out I began working harder to become the artist I am today. After highschool I began to pursue a business degree, carving and art helped me to get through those times and after I graduated I decided I wanted to get more serious I moved back to the reservation here on Hopi where I lived on the mesa top at our village home in walpi. Here me and a few of my family members (Abel Nash, Ronald Laban, Alexander Youvella Jr, and Jeremy Youvella) would create art and sell to tourists that came to visit the village I did this for many years and was evolving ever more as an artist. Around this time my uncle Alexander Youvella begin to help by sharing a booth space with me at various art shows in the states he also pushed me to enter my art work into juried art competitions and this is where I began getting recognition. From then on I have been creating and selling art work world wide having art work in many collectors homes as well as many museums and art galleries. Today I continue to follow my dreams and passion creating art of all types and selling where ever it is art is wanted. 

To learn more about Dominic visit his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dominiceast123/