Institution: California State Archives
Collection Title: Oral History Program, Oral History Interview with Lloyd W. Lowrey
Date (inclusive): 1903-1987
Collection Identifier: OH 88-13
Repository (location info): California State Archives, Sacramento, CA
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Website link: (Program website)

RBMVE Biographical Note: Lloyd W. Lowrey, Sr. was a high school teacher and principal, who joined the 1933 Expedition as a geology and paleontology crew member. Near the end of the 1933, Lowrey was asked to accompany filmmaker, Robert Kissack, on the exploratory river trip in order to assist and take photos. Lowrey returned to the RBMVE in 1934, 1936, 1937 as the leader of the river exploration crew, collecting archaeological and geological data for a study on the San Juan and Colorado rivers. Lowrey was a California State Assembly Member from 1940- 1962. In his oral history interview he discusses how the RBMVE shaped him and influenced his political career.
Scope and Content: From the summary provided on the index on website listed above: “Lowrey discusses his service in the legislature, in particular, legislation passed in California concerning Japanese internment during World War II, effort to remove influence of lobbyist Arthur H. Samish from the assembly and legislation concerning agricultural, conservation, educational, and water policy issues.”

Container List or Summary of RBMVE-related Material:
Lowrey discusses his experience with the RBMVE on pages 6-7.