“So I encourage you all to really focus on collecting those family histories, talk to your parents, grandparents, to your aunts, to your uncles, collect those histories that may go away some day unexpectedly. Because without knowing where you came from, you can’t know where you are going.”
– Ron Maldonado
Recently CEO and Director of The ONWARD Project, Elizabeth Kahn and Archaeologist and Consultant, Ron Maldonado, had a long conversation about the importance of stories and storytelling in the context of preserving family and community histories during these turbulent times.  This sparked us to look at our Stories Website in a different light and with renewed enthusiasm.  Our Stories Website is a selection of images from the extensive 1930’s Southwest RBMVExpedition archives, specifically images of Native American people who worked for the Expedition or who lived in the area and students who came from around the country, who remain unnamed. The goal of this website has always been to bring stories forward, whether from family members or others with knowledge.  We encourage you to send this website to your friends and family who may recognize a person, a place, or other contextual details within the different photographs to help us bring the past into the present.